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Windy Lynn Harris

Windy Lynn Harris writes short stories, essays, and suspense-filled novels. As a former weekly entertainment columnist for Nights and Weekends, Windy earned her first awards for short humor pieces. Her work has been seen in dozens of literary and women's magazines across the US and Canada, including The Literary Review, 34th Parallel, and Raising Arizona Kids.

She has recently received a fellowship from the Dorland Mountain Arts Colony and volunteers her time as the Publishing Tips editor at The Review Review, an online magazine dedicated to helping creative writers find publishing success.

She has shared her passion for connecting the right story to the right editor with many Arizona writing groups, including the Phoenix Writers' Club, The Professional Writers of Prescott, the Scottsdale Society of Women Writers, and the Arizona Authors Association.

Her list of favorite writer moments include winning a Soul-Making Keats Literary Award, where she was invited to San Francisco to read her work at the televised awards event. She has earned a Professional Development Grant from the Arizona Commission on the Arts and continues to appreciate this agency.

Have you been dreaming about a few weeks of uninterrupted writing time? A writing residency might be right for you. Read Windy's article for more information: Writing Residency 101: What the Heck is a Writing Residency and How Can I Get One?

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